Inventions And Inventors Of The 18th Century

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Look, it’s not your fault that you’ve internalized plenty of toxic masculinity and misogyny and that it seeps out of you in bizarre ways, like getting annoyed that people would possibly discover some fleeting sense of objective or comfort in the stars. We’ve all internalized plenty of toxic masculinity and misogyny — girls too — and it oozes out of us in ugly, uncomfortable (but, sadly, often totally normalized) ways once in a while, even when we aren’t aware of it. Reynolds sees the gendering of astrology towards the female as reflective of a broader shift among males towards literalism — science, empiricism, physical pursuits — and away from inventive and abstract modes of thought and expression, a development he traces all the finest way again to the Enlightenment era. Something darker that was also catching plenty of men’s interest round that time? Meanwhile, if astro-intolerance is a purple flag, then an affinity or even just a well mannered acknowledgement of astrology from a person appears to sign the opposite for many potential partners.

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