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But the more time you spend connecting with yourself and discovering your feelings around sex, the better you’ll be able to please yourself and openly communicate your needs to your partner. This will also help you to articulate what you don’t want when it comes to sexual pleasure. That’s not to say demisexual people don’t experience physical attraction at all; it just may not be the focus of what draws them to someone initially and what excites them about a partner.

My mental health has suffered because of the isolation I felt for so long. I didn’t feel like I was enough to be part of the LGBT+ community, I didn’t feel welcome in it and I lacked supportive spaces. I would have loved to hear about these identities earlier on in my life – especially as I grew up in a Catholic setting. No one really questioned why I was waiting to start dating, but the truth is I felt incredibly lonely.

So, what exactly is demisexuality?

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This is different from people who are graysexual, who don’t feel sexual attraction as often or at all. Pansexuality is when you have romantic, sexual, or emotional feelings for others regardless of their gender identity or sex. Most sexual orientation labels only refer to what gender a person prefers romantically or sexually.

This is another label that is defined as someone who is attracted romantically to any individual, regardless of sexual orientation. However, the person still needs to be emotionally connected with their partner for any sexual attraction to take place. Most school-aged demisexual individuals will feel disconnected from conversations that include “sex” and “crushes”. When such people are asked about their crushes, they will rather avoid the question or sometimes give made-up answers as well.

Dating a Demisexual – Not for the Faint of Heart

In fact, I can count the amount of times I’ve ‘fancied’ someone on one hand. In the same way that someone being gay or asexual has nothing to do with the people in their life, your partner’s romantic identity has nothing to do with you. It’s not that you’re not good enough for them, or that they like someone else better. When you’re dating someone who is demiromantic, you might find yourself having very different ‘couple activities’ and dates.

Consider dating other demisexuals.

That doesn’t necessarily diminish how interesting and important she finds you. If you continue, her desire might remain the same, or fluctuate, or increase. For me, my desire for my partner increased in slow ways and in bigger jumps over years and years. So talking, being close in other ways , could help you make sense of her demisexuality, what is going on for her, grow close to her in a variety of ways, and enjoy the relationship.

How does demisexual dating work?

For me, I was hoping being on this group I could find folks able to help me understand and talk through how they figured out balancing out the very different attraction styles. I am pretty hopeful this will work out for both of us, but not having had a relationship with someone on the asexual spectrum romantically before, I have alot of worry our needs will be so different it won’t work. My approach is if you care about someone, you try and try to be understanding.

In such case, it is best not to come out as one. Sometimes, assessing all the factors can be quite hard for anyone to determine if a certain person is a demisexual or not. The reason is that only demisexuals feel and know what they are experiencing and can label themselves as such. Many demisexuals prefer not to use such term when identifying their sexuality. If the word “demisexual” helps other people to understand them more, it is fine to use the term. However, such preference varies from one person to another.

Since an emotional bond is key to sexual attraction, a demisexual person may develop feelings for another person regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. In addition, a demisexual person might consider themselves to be gay, bisexual, polyamorous or pansexual. They may identify as male, female, trans or non-binary. An emotional bond is a fancy term for a deep and profound emotional connection.

And that can be confusing, particularly in friendships involving the gender you’re attracted to. As far as definitions go, demisexuality is not synonymous with asexuality. However, there can be some overlap — and in some cases, quite a bit of it. If your partner is demisexual, that’s going to have an impact on you but it isn’t actually about you. If you realize that your partner’s lack of romantic feelings is upsetting you, it’s ok to talk about them.