Gay Dating Apps Still Leaking Location Data

The only app to confirm it had taken steps to mitigate this attack was Hornet, which told BBC News it randomised the grid of nearby profiles. Scruff told BBC News it used a location-scrambling algorithm. It is enabled by default in “80 regions around the world where same-sex acts are criminalised” and all other members can switch it on in the settings menu. The security company told Grindr, Recon and Romeo about its findings. The researchers were able to generate maps of thousands of users at a time. The developer, Wapo y Wapa Limited, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.

The actual defeat of Raythe was anti-climactic. Everyone was anxiously waiting for word on what had happened to Silver Lion, but they all breathed a little easier once Hong Kong’s commander officially confirmed that the pilots had been rescued. Even as far inland as they were, it was hard to sleep easily, and Raleigh and Yancy made use of the cots spread around the war rooms. Sao Paulo had rotating crews of “remote engineers” who could look at damage reports from an engagement, and an alert woke everybody up the next morning. “I did drift testing. That’s what the investigators said,” she muttered, wiping her face, but finally starting to calm down. They spent a lot of time fuming and commiserating with their comrades as the story broke.

“Cào nǐ zǔzōng shíbā dài – right side oxygen line cut. Switching to portable,” Jing croaked. “Understood.” They crawled on top of the kaiju and wrapped their hands around its neck. “Deploying cryo gun in three…two…one…” Steam erupted from a cannon mount on Horizon’s shoulder, and the kaiju screamed. The second cannon caught Reckoner in the throat, and he was definitely in serious trouble now, unable to rise.

Chapter 10: Up and Coming

“He’s smaller? I think I’m insulted,” the female pilot complained. “Heavy smog in the air, visibility is low. Switching to instruments.” “He’s coming straight at you, Talon!” said Lima’s LOCCENT. “Looks like he’s going to weigh in just shy of Reckoner.” Stupid, empty thing to say, but he felt intensely determined on that score.

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He changed the subject to her studies, and spent a relaxed hour talking with her. After the next engagement in the winter, assuming all went well (granted, that was still a large assumption in the war), he would take her to Hawaii to visit Tamsin. Back in LOCCENT, the Gages and the Khouris were quietly observing the pre-deployment shuffle, musing on Razorfin’s movements with the local K-Watch staff. “Horizon Brave and Nova Hyperion are going to Shanghai. Crimson Typhoon’s staying in Hong Kong with Silver Lion, and they’ll float Shaolin Rogue out if they need to,” Tendo Choi reported. “Tidal Dragon’s with Coyote Tango in Naha. Lucky Seven’s in Manila, Vulcan Specter’s staying in Sydney in case he veers off. The Russians are all at pre-dep.” Of all the puffed-up, reckless, immature Jaeger hoodlums, Raleigh bloody Becket is surely the worst!

“There’s not a fight, Nicola,” said Carolina. “Just a misunderstanding, and these things happen. Especially when the paparazzi get involved. You and Raleigh have been seen together, so you’re the subject of gossip.” Now she paused, thoughtful. “As for who is really behind it, I suspect some of the young ladies who tried and failed to attract his interest in those last few weeks.” “I got a call from a couple of reporters asking me for comments,” Nikki said.

Chapter 26: New Heights

“The human imagination can do fucked-up things. If you want to be Rangers, you just have to accept that and not think it makes you some kind of unnatural pervert – or your partner… You have to learn not to judge.” Stacker looked wearily at the two liaisons. “This was always going to happen, wasn’t it?” They both nodded.

Raleigh and Yancy were tickled to discover that Marshall Ramirez had ordered another Jaeger-kaiju table map for the LA Shatterdome. “Remember what happened LAST time somebody stole Indy’s whip!” Carolina threatened in response, getting a chorus of “oooooh!” from Team Gipsy. “If you stay with this Program, you’re not merely officers, nor merely fighters,” Marshall Pentecost had told the Rangers before Gipsy launched.

No joke; no way could they have kept that up much longer. Tendo wasn’t sure what exactly happened if a neural handshake destabilized mid-combat… and he was deeply relieved that this hadn’t been the moment to find out. Finally, as Jaeger and kaiju staggered back in the general direction of the ocean along the highway, Romeo seized one of the bridges itself, throwing his considerable weight behind it and ripping it free. As Hardship came back in for another shot, they swung, and blue sprayed as they pegged the monster below his axe-shaped head. “Come on, guys, come on!” Tendo yelled, forgetting himself. “This is Rescue/Recovery Lager Two; we’re reached the pilots. Starting emergency treatment; we’ll need to evacuate them immediately.”

“There’s a thing we used to do when we first got Yankee. She’s a marksman’s Jaeger, but we have to time the shots right. Most of the weapons can’t discharge simultaneously.” Bruce started slow, which was a good thing, because Raleigh and Tanisha were having a hell of a time adapting. “You’re not a single Jaeger this time, you’re two,” Bruce pointed out. “I’ve called cadence before; I can call katas easily enough.” Bruce pointed south once more. “If you need some air, come get it here. Nice museum up here, restaurant too. You’re three weeks from launch, and there’ll be a lot of pomp and circumstance. Don’t forget what it’s all for.”

All the monitors lit up, the feeds sprang to life with the drift as the brothers’ minds blended. One of them hissed, and a feed stuttered – but then it was there, strong and solid. There were sly noises of agreement from the guys and a couple of the girls, appreciating the female pilot for more than her skills.

“We had a deal, though. No complications.” She gestured at the darkened TV screen. “If you’re going to flip out anytime someone calls me a slut, then it’s complicated.” “All three of you, calm down. Better yet, sit down.” She pointed each of them at chairs until they obeyed. Raleigh stiffened, and conversations in the rec room got quieter. Was doing some sort of news roundup which included a segment called Jaeger Watch. Basically, it was just a gossip fest about the Rangers.

Thus, the question of whether using gay dating apps has negative or positive associations with the well-being of their users really appears to depend on the users’ goals and motivations for using the apps in the first place. This makes sense—if the apps are primarily designed to connect users for brief sexual encounters, then those using the apps to find sex partners will likely be the most satisfied with the outcomes. On the other hand, men seeking relationships, friendships, or community may not be best served through such apps and therefore may experience frustration upon using gay dating apps, which may contribute to reduced well-being. Additional research would be needed to determine the precise direction of the associations found in this study.