Charmed Reboot Announces 3 Sisters, One Whom Is Lesbian

At the end of the season, Piper was saved and baby Chris was born perfectly healthy. In the midst of the chaos and angst of Season 7 came one episode that really captured Leo’s core personality struggle and how it connected to Piper. Leo finally was able to choose Piper again, bringing back the deliberate, Elder-defying love story from the earlier seasons. In the 90s Charmed was a product of its time, characterizing everyone as heterosexual.

In a flash of the future, Piper and Leo have their third child, a daughter named Melinda. It also shows that Piper has her own restaurant, and Leo is back to teaching at Magic School. As Piper is reciting her passage, the future grandmother Piper is reading the passage to her granddaughter named Prudence.

Piper can also be protective of Phoebe because of her status as the youngest sister of the Charmed Ones, as she scared off two men who were staring at Phoebe when she was dressed in a tank top. She even goes far as to tell Cole that Phoebe had just lost Prue and that she needs time before she can accept his marriage proposal. After Prue’s death, Piper took it the hardest, as in a way, she was angry with her sister giving up her life without thinking what repercussions and blamed Prue for leaving her, Phoebe and Paige without affefcting them. Depsite this, Piper came at peace with Prue’s death by accepting their younger sister, Paige. He was obviously written to be absolutely perfect to set up the love triangle with Piper and Leo.

Relationship with Piper

After getting shot by a Darklighter, Leo orbed himelf to the manor, where Prue and Phoebe were about to leave for a vacation. Piper was shocked and angry at the revelation of Leo being magical. Piper then successfully healed Leo by switching their powers and admitting her love, which triggered her power to heal. Leo then admitted that he was willing to clip his wings for Piper’s love, but Piper couldn’t allow him to give up his powers at the risk of putting innocent lives at stake. Leo then left Piper to go back to the Upper Regions, and their relationship was seemingly over. After Seasons 6 through 8, Piper and Leo’s love seemed destined for failure, but Charmed Season 8, Episode 22, “Forever Charmed” rejected that idea.

Traveling 50 years into the future (S8 Ep

In season 3 Prue learns multiple times not to focus too much on her witch duties and relax. Each time she goes back to being Superwitch by the next episode. Seasons 1-3 are the ‘Prue Years’ featuring Shannen Doherty as the eldest Halliwell sister Prue. Doherty left the show after that season and Rose McGowan was cast as sister Paige for seasons 4-8. The other two sisters were played by Former Child Star Alyssa Milano and Picket Fences actress Holly Marie Combs.

Their daughter, Melinda, was born after Leo had become a nonmagical mortal, but despite this, she had whitelighter powers. Many years later, Leo was assigned to be the whitelighter of the Charmed Ones, despite his past live’s past with that of Piper Halliwell’s past life. Once the girls’ powers were unbound, he became a more visible presence in their lives and ultimately started dating Piper, despite the forbidden nature of the relationship. While they had many ups and downs, they were eventually allowed to marry.

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Phoebe would frequently be scolded for using her powers for personal gain, whereas whenever Prue did the narrative would justify it. Prue would frequently be put on the moral high ground despite being just as bad as her sisters – and sometimes even worse. And then there’s the thing about whether powers can be inherently good or evil or not. One second the sisters are reassuring a young boy whose power is basically being groomed to be used for the Source that powers have no inherent morality and it’s just what you do with them. This only serves to expedite his Sanity Slippage, to the point some fans see his character as little else but Phoebe’s Yandere and some others decided in disgust that the show had jumped the shark. Earn Your Happy Ending By the end of season four, the sisters have lost one of their own, but in the process defeated the Triad far earlier than they were supposed to.

Had the writers not had to dive into Whitelighters quite as much, Leo’s relationship with Piper could have been far less painful in the later seasons. It was a long road for Piper and Leo to get married, but it ultimately represented their desire to be together despite any and all things that stood in their way. In fact, it was revealed in Charmed Season 2, Episode 14, “Pardon My Past,” that Leo and Piper dated in a past life, making their marriage a fulfillment of many reincarnations’ desires.

Also Prue was mentioned a lot, and even the episode title was a mirror of the title of the pilot episode. “Witchness Protection” has the reveal that the seer Kyra is incapable of feeling strong emotion and wants to solve this problem by helping the Charmed Ones in return for a spell to turn her into a human. In season 7, Pandora’s Box protects itself by teleporting to its next guardian when its current protector dies. Then there were two demonic seers, played by Debbi Morgan and Charisma Carpenter. Also, Leo who left the show during the middle of the final season.

After confessing their feelings for one another, they soon reconnect and end up conceiving Chris . Although Leo ends up leaving (unaware of Piper’s pregnancy), this episode marked the beginning of their reconciliation. After vanquishing Leo’s former friends, Piper convinces her husband to attend the reunion. Together they meet several other veterans, including the man Leo had died saving. Piper’s encouragement had allowed Leo to recover from his survivor’s guilt and prove that he deserved his Whitelighter abilities.

Thus far, neither seem to get their happily-ever-after with their half-demon boyfriends. Almost six months later, the sisters go up against Billie and Christy Jenkins in the ultimate battle, however, it doesn’t go as planned and ends up killing Christy, Phoebe, and Paige. Leo is returned by the Angel and he and Piper enlist the help of Coop and they go back in time to save Phoebe and Paige. After meeting their future selves nearly 50 years into the future, and enlisting the help of the sisters’ mom and grams from the past to save everyone, the Angel takes Leo back as the battle had not been completed. In the end, Leo is returned after the sisters vanquish the Triad, and Billie and Christy are defeated. Following the battle, the sisters reclaim Magic School from the demons and Leo returns to his post as Headmaster.

They both watch on until Chris takes Leo to the next memory, Wyatt’s birth. Six months later, Leo is summoned back down to Earth by Paige and Phoebe who, against Piper’s wishes, was forced to tell him that Chris is his son. Leo discovers that Chris, who was infected by a Spider Demon, hates him with a passion. Leo goes after his son who begins punching him to a pulp, even after the effects of the Spider Demon wear off. After his attack ended, Leo follows Chris to the Golden Gate Bridge where the son informs his father that in his future, Leo was there for the entire world, but was never there for him. After this occurrence, Leo tries his best to gain Chris’s forgiveness, which he ultimately does.

They fell in love on their own, despite Cupid not even matching them. Sadly for fans, after his last relationship with Alyssa, Krause is very private with his personal life. Though it seems the actor did not get married for a second time.

When discovered, Gideon fatally stabbed Chris with a cursed athame to prevent healing and Chris passed away in his father’s arms. Around the same time, Piper went into labour and gave birth to baby Christopher. His father later avenged his future son by killing Gideon and saving Wyatt. Unfortunately however, this makes the baby fall exactly into the same category as the aforementioned half-demon Cole Turner.