Ammaritiz HTML5-Final-Project: Coursera HTML5 Final Project

The Coursera MasterTrack certificate programs cost beginning from $2,000, with some costing up to $5,000. Andrew and Daphne saw so much potential in thistype of e-learning that they put their careers as professors at Stanford on hold and started focusing solely on the MOOC site. Looking back on it, they made the right choice, as only seven years later, the company they created is already valued at over $1 billion.

The university in charge of the program issues students who pass the course a MasterTrack Certificate. MasterTrack Certificates can act as a booster to resumes or count as college credit towards a full degree. After reviewing Coursera’s courses, it makes sense to move on to Specializations. These are some of the most popular categories of online classes on Coursera because they function similarly to a traditional curriculum. Students develop deep knowledge of a topic through a series of intertwined courses. By the end of the Specialization, they will have an excellent foundation of knowledge, together with a finished student project and Specialization certificate.

What is Coursera?

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Major issues typically consist of any problems with the style, flow, or key points of the manuscript. Minor issues include spelling errors, citation errors, or other smaller, easy-to-apply feedback. Arguments for double-blind review highlight that this mitigates any risk of prejudice on the side of the reviewer, while protecting the nature of the process.

The Arabic form of this term (al-Ḥabasha) is the etymological basis of “Abyssinia”, the former name of Ethiopia in English and other European languages. Additionally, Nilo-Saharan-speaking ethnic minorities inhabit the southern regions of the country, particularly in areas of the Gambela Region which borders South Sudan. Ethiopia delivers roughly 81% of water volume to the Nile through the river basins of the Blue Nile, Sobat River and Atbara. In 1959, Egypt and Sudan signed a bilateral treaty, the 1959 Nile Waters Agreement, which gave both countries exclusive maritime rights over the Nile waters.

In the early 15th century, Ethiopia sought to make diplomatic contact with European kingdoms for the first time since the Aksumite era. A letter from Henry IV of England to the Ethiopian emperor survives. In 1428, Yeshaq I sent two emissaries to Alfonso V of Aragon, who sent his own emissaries that failed to complete the return trip home to Aragon. The first continuous relations Europeans began in 1508 with Portugal under Dawit II. Other scholars regard Dʿmt as the result of a union of Afroasiatic-speaking cultures of the Cushitic and Semitic branches; namely, local Agaw peoples and Sabaeans from Southern Arabia.

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He earned a traditional degree in the field of medicine , writing his thesis on the usages of social media in healthcare. After this, however, he started shifting from textbooks to digital education, and at that point, there was no turning back. As of 2022, Sander has spent thousands of hours learning online, and these experiences are what led to the inception of E-Student. Now, it’s time to review Coursera’s most important feature – Coursera’s online course catalog. As of the latest update of this Coursera review, more than 6,000 online courses are available on the platform, with new ones added constantly.

Amharic was the language of primary school instruction, but has been replaced in many areas by regional languages such as Oromo, Somali or Tigrinya. While all languages enjoy equal state recognition in the 1995 Constitution of Ethiopia and Oromo is the most populous language by native speakers, Amharic is the most populous by number of total speakers. Ethiopian Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, is the country’s flag carrier, and is wholly owned by the Government of Ethiopia. From its hub at the Bole International Airport, the airline serves a network of 102 international passenger, 20 domestic passenger, and 44 cargo destinations.

How much does Coursera for Business cost?

The two ex-CEOs of Coursera, Andrew and Daphne, are no longer actively managing the company. In 2018, Daphne Koller founded Insitro, an innovative company that intertwines drug discovery and machine learning. Around the same time, Andrew revealed the “AI Fund” that would invest hundreds of millions of dollars in artificial intelligence projects. The breadth and scope of Coursera’s offerings are unrivaled in the market. The quality is excellent, especially for the price, and many of these courses are free to audit. For these reasons as well as others, Coursera is one of my favorite online learning sites.

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In lesser, Ethiopia used accordion books which was dated to late 15th or 16th century, made up of folded parchment paper, with or without cover. Those book usually contain pictorial representation of life and death of religious figures, or significant texts have also juxtaposed. Ethiopian philosophy has been superlatively prolific since ancient times in Africa, though offset of Greek and Patristic philosophy.

A rating site (commonly known as a rate-me site) is a website designed for users to vote, rate people, content, or other things. Rating sites can range from tangible to non-tangible attributes, but most commonly, rating sites are based around physical appearances such as body parts, voice, personality, etc. They may also be devoted to the subjects’ occupational ability, for example teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors, etc.

I was able to learn a lot with the videos the course offers and the homework challenge my critical thinking skills. But it’s definitely affordable and worth than paying over $1000 for a course in college. If you are in a company where employees need continuing education on certain subjects, you can choose Coursera as the platform to train.